Graveyard Keeper Oil: Everything You Need to Know


Many people are enjoying playing the simulation role-playing video game Graveyard Keeper. But for beginners, there is a learning curve, especially when it comes to obtaining and using some items and resources that are needed to progress in the game. One of these resources is the oil.

The Graveyard Keeper Oil is a crafted resource. It can be used in the game in various ways, including in oiling wheels, in cooking, and in alchemy. There are different ways to obtain this resource as you go about in the game and progress.

Read on and find out everything you need to know about the Graveyard Keeper Oil, including where to buy it, how to make it yourself, and exactly how to use it.

What Is Graveyard Keeper?

Graveyard Keeper is a simulation game with a medieval cemetery theme. In this game, you will build and manage a graveyard, take care of the corpses, look for ways to lessen your costs, grow your own vegetable garden, and even expand into building your own church and attracting villagers to exercise their faith.

How the Game Begins

The game starts with your character dying after getting hit by a car. You wake up, and you will then be unceremoniously dumped into your new home with instructions to find and dig up an amnesiac skull named Gerry, who will serve as your guide.

In the meantime, you will have to assume the role of the Graveyard Keeper, which you will do to stay afloat at first. But later on, it will be a way for you to gather the resources you’ll need to get back home to your love.

What’s the Gameplay?

With Graveyard Keeper, you will be splitting your time between doing these things:

  • building new structures like crafting stations and doing graveyard improvements
  • gathering natural resources like wood, stones, and plants
  • crafting advanced items in the crafting stations to help you work longer
  • managing corpses

There will also be a bit of fishing, farming and vegetable gardening, writing, crawling in dungeons, giving sermons at the church, and mixing your own potions. You will occasionally need to head to the nearby village to do some shopping, too. But the good news is that you can create zombies to work for you.

In the beginning, your actions during the day are going to be very limited because you’ll quickly run out of energy, and you’ll need to eat and sleep to regain it. But later on, you can start crafting items like food and alcohol so your energy can last longer.

Your main task is to take care of your graveyard, which is also your main source of income at the beginning. This means fixing old graves, embalming and preparing new corpses for burial, burying the corpses, and decorating the grave.

At first, you will only have fences, tombstones, and the basic wooden crosses to decorate graves, but as you advance in the game, you will be able to get elaborate marble sculptures for the graves.

Every corpse has its own stats, which is shown as red and white skulls. You’ll need to remove as many red skulls as you can and add more white skulls. To do this, you can drain blood from the corpse, cut out its fat, or inject it with special embalming fluids.

If you botch a corpse, you can harvest whatever is useful, such as its fat, so you can make oil out of it or its meat for making burgers. After harvesting, you can then dump the corpse in the river or cremate it.

These corpses will also decay, and you will lose white skulls in the process. As such, you need to always be on the lookout for new deliveries. You will need to break down some corpses to progress in the game, too.

You’ll also earn access to a small garden where you can grow and harvest some vegetables. And soon enough, you’ll unlock the church, build furniture for it, and regularly perform sermons. All these will give an additional source of income.

What You Need to Know About Graveyard Keeper Oil

You will need the oil in certain aspects of your graveyard management operations, and when you do, you have options on how you can obtain it.

Oil for the Donkey

The Graveyard Keeper Oil has several uses. But the most important one is to lubricate the wheels of the donkey’s cart. The donkey will be the one bringing corpses to the graveyard through a cart that is attached to him. With the donkey dropping off the bodies at the morgue, you will have time to perform your other duties and to develop the premises.

But at some point, the donkey becomes a capitalist and will only deliver the bodies to you in exchange for carrots, which you will either have to buy or grow yourself. Aside from the carrots, you will also have to give it the oil to grease his cart’s wheels.

There are two ways to get the oil: buy it from the vendor or make it yourself.

Oil for Other Applications

Oil is also needed in cooking, depending on the food item and the recipe. Food like onion rings and fish nuggets, for example, will need oil.

Oil is also considered as one of the advanced alchemy resources, along with alcohol, blood, gold powder, goo, and a few others. It means that some potions and elixirs use oil as an ingredient.

Where to Get the Oil

The easiest way to get oil is to head to the village in the East. Follow a dirt path outside of the tavern and past the chicken farm until you reach some ruins before the lighthouse. In a straw hut, you’ll find a crazy seed vendor named Dig, who is one of three seed traders in the game.

You can get some Seed Oil from him for 30 coppers. He’s got 15 bottles of oil, so it would be wise to stock up.

Aside from seed oil, Dig also offers a range of other hemp-related products.

Once you have the seed oil, head into your inventory, select it, and “Use” it. It’s going to leave you with 10 units of oil, and you can get it to the donkey. This step is necessary because you cannot use the oil in its current bottled form.

You also have the choice of buying hemp seeds from Dig. You can manually convert these seeds into seed oil.

How to Make the Oil

To make oil, you get hemp seeds from the seed vendor. Once you have them, you can go to your skill tree’s Farming and Nature tab and unlock the Winemaking skill. You will now be able to access the Vine Press blueprint. You’ll need to build the vine press in your home’s cellar and use it to squeeze oil from hemp seeds, as well as juice from fruits.

You can use four hemp seeds to make a bottle of seed oil.

Another way to get oil is to make it from human fat. You can harvest five pieces of human fat from corpses to make the oil.


Graveyard Keeper is a pretty interesting game, although you might find it morbid and gross at first considering that you will be dealing with dead bodies and embalming them. But you will enjoy the fact that it has a lot of other elements combined together, like farming, building structures, cooking, creating potions, doing quests, writing books, taking care of a church, and even creating zombies.

Looking for the Graveyard Keeper oil and making one is just one tiny aspect of the game, and you will learn how to use it with other resources as you progress.


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