CBD Oil In Mississippi: Everything CBD, Legality, Shipping & More

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is a form of cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. CBD is like a special synthesized compound made by mother nature. CBD comes from cannabis flowers. This article will provide you with trustworthy knowledge about CBD oil in the state of Mississippi. There are various amendments to the laws, and it can be a maze to navigate.

CBD oil has gained a lot of hype all over the United States between 2018 and 2020, and the state of Mississippi is no exception.

CBD is legal in the state of Mississippi since July of 2019. That was when the House Bill 1547 passed, clearing the way for CBD within the state.

Let’s clear some of the mystery away so we can define CBD, THC, hemp, marijuana, cannabis, and all related products in a black and white format.

What Is CBD?

One can often get confused as to what CBD is or if it is the same thing as cannabis. CBD is found in cannabis but is not a word for cannabis itself. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Since cannabis plants don’t represent a singular strain, CBD levels can vary depending on the cannabis plant type.

How is Hemp Different From Marijuana?

When one looks at CBD, it is possible to confuse terms like cannabis, marijuana, hemp, and cannabidiol. As mentioned above, CBD is extracted from cannabis plants. The two types of cannabis plants used for CBD are marijuana and industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is bred to be per the federal regulations and is not considered a controlled substance. On the other hand, marijuana is strictly regulated as a controlled substance by the federal government.

Marijuana and hemp both contain THC, which is a psychoactive substance. Since the passing for the Farm Bill of 2018, the federal government does not regulate hemp with THC levels under 0.3% the same way it regulates marijuana. This puts both plans, despite being close in the biological category, far apart in legal status.

Hemp plants do not look like marijuana plants. To tell the two apart, it is worth noting that marijuana plants grow wide with a bush-like appearance while hemp plants grow in skinny stalks reminiscent of bamboo. The two types of cannabis have a different output of flowers as well. Once can find marijuana plants to have more foliage and flowers compared to hemp.

Does Hemp or Marijuana Have More CBD Oil?

A larger amount of resin can be visibly spotted on marijuana plants when compared to hemp. This leads to hemp having a relatively lower output of CBD for the same amount of farmed crop. And while hemp manufacturers would love to get higher CBD yield, they cannot opt to farm marijuana for CBD because THC’s legal limit is 0.3%. Despite a lower CBD yield, Hemp is more attractive for CBD product manufacturers because it has — as a product free of the federal drug controls — a larger market share.

The landscape of CBD production hasn’t stayed the same over a long period. Recently, intent-based-breeding has presented hemp farmers with the hope that their CBD output per crop can match that of marijuana. Certain strains of hemp have been bred to contain larger CBD quantities while not exceeding the legal limits of THC. These strains may soon become the mainstream preference among hemp farmers.

Why is CBD Sometimes Illegal In Different States?

The subject of CBD legality is not as black and white as a complete prohibition or blanket ban because of several factors.

  1. CBD was approved by the FDA as a prescription drug, making it a highly controlled substance, with context-specific and highly regulated uses.
  2. The FDA categorized CBD for control only because it carries THC, which can be abused as it is a psychoactive substance.
  3. The 2018 United States Farm Bill proved pivotal as the difference in THC levels of different cannabis plants was addressed. With under or equal to 0.3% THC per dry weight, Hemp became a legal industrial crop while marijuana continued to be controlled more strictly.
  4. The bill also approved individual states to derive their conclusions regarding hemp products. It is where the legal status of CBD became inconsistent from state to state. Since CBD can come from either hemp or marijuana, it can be legal and illegal within the same state, depending on its origin.

In some states, hemp-derived CBD is legal, while marijuana-derived CBD is controlled as a prescription drug. In other states, both marijuana and hemp are legal. Despite having the federal approval to categorize hemp and marijuana separately, some states continue to view all cannabis alike. The difference in CBD’s legal status comes from 50 states having the freedom to choose their own laws regarding a crop that was historically reputed to be a controlled substance.

Is CBD Legal In Mississippi?

Is CBD Derived From Cannabis Legal in Mississippi?

As previously mentioned, CBD comes from cannabis being either marijuana or industrial hemp. The industrial hemp CBD is legal, but marijuana CBD is only authorized for patients with doctor recommendations.

Is Hemp-Derived CBD Legal in Mississippi?

As we have discussed above, the industrial hemp-derived CBD is officially legal in the state of Mississippi.

The Legality of Different CBD Products

What is a CBD flower? CBD flower is a term often given to the flower of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Notably, this term is used for strains containing a high amount of cannabidiol.
Is CBD flower legal in Mississippi? Hemp flowers can be a grey area.   Many believe that if the flower contains less than 0.3% THC that the flower is legal.  Well, in Mississippi, this is not the case.  Hemp flowers are restricted in Mississippi.
Can CBD flowers be purchased online? Since hemp flowers are prohibited in Mississippi, it is advisable not to purchase them online.
What are CBD terpenes? CBD terpenes are aromatic compounds found within the cannabis plant used to derive CBD oil.
Are CBD terpenes legal in Mississippi? Terpenes are aromatic compounds derived from plants. Cannabis terpenes derived from industrial hemp are legal in the state. Those derived from marijuana are not.
Can CBD terpenes be purchased online? CBD terpenes derived from hemp are available online.
What is CBD wax? CBD wax is a concentrated form of CBD oil, in a waxy, semi-solid form.
Is CBD wax legal in Mississippi? If derived from industrial hemp, the product is legal.
Can CBD wax be purchased online? Hemp-derived CBD wax can be bought online in Mississippi.
What are CBD gummies? CBD gummies are gummies infused with cannabidiol.
Are CBD gummies legal in Mississippi? Cannabis edibles are legal in Mississippi if derived from cannabis approved FDA sources such as hemp seed.
Can CBD gummies be purchased online? CBD gummies infused with Hemp-derived CBD oil are available online in Mississippi.
What are CBD creams? CBD creams and topicals are skincare products used externally, such as moisturizers or conditioners.
Are CBD creams legal in Mississippi? Yes, CBD creams are legal in Mississippi and several other states if they are from the industrial hump with THC less than 0.3%.
Can CBD creams be purchased online? They can be bought online in Mississippi only if they are hemp-based and contain less than 0.3% THC.
What is CBD liquid? CBD liquid is a particular form of CBD oil intended for vapor inhalation (vaping).
Are CBD liquid, e-liquid, and vape legal in Mississippi? It is legal as long as the CBD is hemp-derived.
Can CBD liquid, e-liquid, and vape be purchased online? In Mississippi, you can purchase hemp-derived CBD liquid, e-liquid, and vape from online retailers.
What is a CBD tincture? A CBD tincture is a concentrated solution made by soaking plant materials in alcohol or vinegar-based solutions.
Is CBD tincture legal in Mississippi? According to the state of Mississippi, CBD tinctures are only legal if they originate from industrial hemp-based CBD and only possess THC less than 0.3%.
Can CBD tincture be purchased online? CBD tinctures are readily available online in Mississippi.
What is THC oil? THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid found in marijuana responsible for the elated feelings of ‘high’ felt by its users.
Is THC oil legal in Mississippi? THC oil is not legal in Mississippi.
Can THC oil be purchased online? Since THC oil is illegal in Mississippi, it is not advisable to purchase it online.

Age Requirements For CBD in Mississippi

Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy CBD Oil In Mississippi?

The state laws allow you to buy Hemp-derived CBD oil regardless of age. CBD oil derived from marijuana is sold to qualifying patients over the age of 18 or to the adult parents of a qualifying, minor patient.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy CBD Oil In Mississippi?

The laws of the state of Mississippi permits everyone to buy hemp-based CBD oil without any age requirement. While for marijuana-originated, CBD oil requires a medical recommendation to purchase.

Do You Have To Be 18 To Use CBD Oil In Mississippi?

You don’t have to be 18 or above to use CBD oil in Mississippi only if it is from industrial hemp. For marijuana-based CBD oil, a child patient requires a medical marijuana card and a parent or guardian for consultancy.

Can A Minor Use CBD In Mississippi? How Old Do You Have To Be?

The age conditions for CBD oil in the state of Mississippi are moderate for patients. The minor or child patients are allowed to use CBD oil only if doctors recommend this.

Do You Need A Prescription Or Medical Card For CBD Oil In Mississippi?

For buying industrial hemp-based oil and other products, there is no need for medical cards or prescriptions. However, patients cannot purchase marijuana-based CBD oil with medical cards because there is no medical marijuana program in Mississippi. This state only permits patients who are enduring from a catastrophic illness disease or unmanageable epilepsy to buy marijuana-derived CBD oil. If a patient qualifies, he needs to obtain approval from his doctor, and then he can buy CBD oil for his treatment.

Can You Get CBD Oil Without Having A Medical Card In Mississippi?

As discussed above, you can purchase hemp-based CBD oil without a medical card. Also, marijuana-based CBD oil does not require a medical card to buy, but there’s a catch. This CBD oil is only legal for patients with their doctor recommendations. The THC must not exceed 0.5%.

Can You Order CBD Oil Online Legally In Mississippi?

You can legally buy CBD oil online in Mississippi if it arises from hemp and possesses THC less than or equal to 0.3%.

State CBD Possession Limits

For hemp-derived CBD, there are no possession limits in place. However, qualifying patients can possess marijuana-extracts that contain no more than 15% CBD with THC limits set at 0.5%.

MMJ Cards In Mississippi

Medical Marijuana Card Requirements In Mississippi

Children with specific forms of intractable epilepsy can receive marijuana-based treatment within limits set by the state (with products containing less than 15% CBD and under 0.5% THC). For a patient to obtain the treatment, a written recommendation from the chid’s doctor is required. There are no MMJ cards or other state-approved documents that allow the use of medical marijuana.

How To Apply To The MCP (Medical Cannabis Program)

The state does not have a Medical Cannabis Program. For qualifying children, a written recommendation from the doctor is required.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Medical Marijuana Id Card In Mississippi?

Since the state does not have a Medical Marijuana Program, one cannot receive a medical marijuana card in Mississippi.

How Much Does It Cost To Apply For The MCP In Mississippi?

As mentioned earlier, the absence of MCP means one cannot get a medical marijuana card. With no process in place to get the card, no fee structure exists for the same.

Where To Buy CBD In Mississippi

Where To Buy / How To Obtain <.3 THC In Mississippi

You can purchase hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3% levels of THC per dry weight from many outlets, including smoke shops, specialty stores, and pharmacies.

Where To Buy / How To Obtain >.3 THC In Mississippi

Qualifying patients can obtain CBD with over 0.3%  THC from the University of Mississipi Medical Center.

Where Is CBD Sold In Mississippi?

With the full legalization of CBD products derived from industrial hemp, the CBD wave has washed over Mississippi. CBD products are available in multiple types of stores, from health food stores to specialty CBD shops.

Are There Any CBD Retailers In Mississippi?

There are several online CBD products retailers in the state of Mississippi. All of them claim to provide genuine products. But it is recommended to check that the ordered product possesses CBD only, containing less than 0.3% THC, and comes from industrial hemp.

Where Can I Find CBD Water?

CBD water beverages are found primarily at specialized CBD retails within the state.

Where Can I Buy Medical Grade CBD In Mississippi?

The only legal CBD-containing medical products with THC over 0.3% are available through the University of Mississipi Medical Center for qualifying child patients.

How To Read CBD Product Labels & Packaging

It is essential to know whether the CBD products you plan to purchase are legal or not. Read below to learn how to identify this from the product’s packaging and labels.

Expiry date – CBD products usually carry an expiry date because they are meant for consumption. In the instance that you do not see an expiry date, consider the item to be mishandled or even illegal.

Product batch number –  manufacturing CBD entails risk. Batches may need to be recalled for several reasons. That is why manufacturers of CBD products will have a product batch number. If this identifier is missing, the manufacturer is not a reliable professional.

Lab testing certification – Most Legal manufacturers of CBD lab-test their products. But even fake products can claim to be lab-tested. To ensure that a product is genuinely lab-tested, look for a link or a QR code that opens a digital copy of the product’s lab-testing certificate.

Batch information link – This is the link, usually on the product package, that you can visit to get further information about the product.

A THC quantity statement – A sign that the product was legally manufactured is that it has the right THC quantity statement. Make sure the quantity declared is under 0.3%. Legitimate online businesses do not serve a single state and have nationwide delivery options. Because of the FDA’s view of marijuana, CBD with over 0.3% THC is not sold online by legal businesses regardless of state laws. Therefore, a quantity statement claiming over 0.3% THC or marijuana-based origin signifies a fake product or an illegal operation.

Hemp extract quantity – The package will likely contain hemp extract quantity. If this is absent, you may want to consider alternatives because it is better to know how potent the product is rather than remain in the dark about it.

How To Identify Quality CBD Oil

When it comes to availability, CBD is new to the market. So it is essential to qualify for authenticity and quality when purchasing it. Some scammers prey on people’s lack of knowledge around the subject and sell them fake products. One way to go about qualifying for quality is to see if a product is FDA approved. The approval signals that the product is safe to consume and is up the standards of the FDA.

Make sure also to research the manufacturer and the product. Read through the product reviews on multiple platforms. Look out for fake positive reviews as well as a large number of genuine negative reviews. Both of those are signal a lack of trustworthiness.

It is also essential that the products and labels are legible in product photos. Look specifically for the THC content and whether it is over or under 0.3%. Manufacturers claiming that the CBD they sell online have higher THC than 0.3% or marijuana are usually scammers or illegal businesses.

Shipping, Mailing, & Travelling With CBD

Can You Mail CBD Products To Mississippi?

You can mail industrial hemp originated CBD products with a maximum of 0.3% THC. Simple documentation is required.

Can You Ship CBD Products From Mississippi?

It is legal to ship CBD from the state of Mississippi and other states of the United States. But according to federal law, CBD products must be originated from industrial hemp and possess THC less than 0.3%. Many private shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL are best for this job.

How Would You Ship CBD Oil, Cream, or Flowers?

Industrial hemp-based CBD oil, cream, and other products can ship with documentation through multiple carrier companies.

But hemp flowers are illegal and are considered marijuana in the Mississippi law. Shipping, holding, and even farming CBD flowers is not legal in the state of Mississippi.

Can You Ship CBD Products Internationally? From Canada? To Canada?

Industrial hemp-based CBD products with THC less than 0.3% can be shipped from Mississippi to other states and even to several countries, including Canada. But you should confirm that the desired destination allows its shipment or not.

Can You Travel With CBD Oil?

Although many airlines allow CBD oil preapproved by the FDA on board, one must consider whether the product is legal in the state on is flying from and the place one is going to. In Mississippi, it is legal to possess hemp-derived CBD. Therefore, you can fly with the legal CBD oil too, and from Mississippi. Check with the airline what their liquids-on-board policy is so that you are not denied permission to board with your CBD oil package.

Is Marijuana Legal In Mississippi?

No, marijuana is not legal in the state of Mississippi. But according to the amendment 0f 2020 in the state constitution, the Assembly of Mississippi may permit the use of medical marijuana for severely stricken patients with recommendations from their doctors.

Is Mississippi Recreational?

Recreational Marijuana is illegal in Mississippi.

Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy Marijuana In Mississippi?

Marijuana is illegal in Mississippi but extracts with up to 0.5% THC can be used to treat children with qualifying epileptic conditions. Therefore, ironically, one has to be younger than 18 to consume a marijuana product. However, the adult parent is responsible for acquiring it from the state’s only facility accountable for the supply.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Medical Marijuana?

You have to be an adult parent of a qualifying child to purchase marijuana-based treatment with no more than 15% CBD and 0.5% THC.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Marijuana In Mississippi?

Only children with the specified medical condition can get marijuana-based treatment within limits set by the state.

Can You Buy Edibles Online Legally In Mississippi?

You can buy CBD edibles online in Mississippi only if they are prepared from industrial hemp.

Is Hemp Legal In Mississippi

Yes, hemp is legal in the state of Mississippi. According to the agricultural improvement act in 2018, also known as Farm Bill of 2018, hemp is legalized by separating it from the category of marijuana and removing hemp from the Controlled Substances List (CSL).

What Are Mississippi’s Hemp Laws?

Gov. Phil Bryant signed the CBD law of Mississippi in 2014, known as the law of ‘Harper Grace’ or 1231 House Bill. According to this law, patients with specific epileptic health issues can use CBD derived from cannabis or marijuana if it possesses at least 15% CBD, but THC is less than 0.5%.

Can You Buy Hemp Wraps At 18 In Mississippi?

Yes, you can purchase Hemp Wraps at the age of 18 from a variety of smoke shops.

Producing, Growing, Selling Hemp & CBD Oil

Is It Legal To Grow Hemp In Mississippi?

It is legal to harvest and plant hemp in Mississippi as of June 2019, with licensing. The Governor of the state signed the Mississippi Hemp Cultivation Act allowing for a hemp program to begin.

How Much Is A Hemp Growing License In Mississippi?

In June of 2020, Senate Bill 2725 was signed into law. It is also known as the Mississippi Hemp Cultivation Act, and it permits a hemp cultivation program to start within the state. Due to the infancy of the program, pricing is not yet established.

Can You Get Legal CBD Seeds In Mississippi?

Only products made of cannabis are legal in Mississippi. It includes FDA approved hulled hemp seed, hemp seed protein, and hemp seed oil.

Is It Legal To Grow CBD Plants? What’s The Difference?

CBD plants can refer to both hemp and marijuana. While marijuana cultivation is prohibited, hemp cultivation was legalized in 2020. However, due to a lack of funding, the state cultivation program is not in place as of now. Therefore, growers in Mississippi must apply for the USDA Domestic Hemp Production Program, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Do You Need A License To Sell Hemp In Mississippi?

People can sell pre-processed hemp products that follow the legal THC limits without a license.

Do You Need A License To Sell CBD Oil In Mississippi?

Hemp-derived CBD oil with under 0.3% THC can be sold as a regular consumer product without special licenses.

Can You Sell CBD Oil Online?

As long as the CBD oil is hemp-derived, one can legally sell it online in Mississippi.

Disclaimer:  None of the information in this article should be construed as health or legal advice. We always recommend following the professional opinion of your physician or attorney and researching your own state’s laws for all of your purchases. Information current as of January 2021.

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