CBD Oil In Maryland: Everything CBD, Legality, Shipping & More

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Maryland, a beautiful state with some of the country’s most scenic shorelines and an aquarium in Baltimore worth the visit, is an incredible place indeed. And while you’re in the state, why not pick up some excellent CBD oil derived from hemp? But is it legal?

CBD is a cannabinoid called cannabidiol. It comes from the cannabis plant, which includes both hemp and marijuana. CBD oil can come from either hemp or marijuana. And in the state of Maryland, CBD that comes from hemp is legal. 

But what is the difference between hemp and marijuana? This article will answer more about CBD, marijuana, hemp, and cannabis in Maryland’s state for 2020.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid sourced from either hemp or marijuana, depending on its intended uses. The substance comes from the flowers and foliage of the cannabis plants, and its yield varies from plant to plant depending on the strain, soil, and climate conditions.

How is Hemp Different From Marijuana?

It is different in how the federal government classifies it. Marijuana contains a higher level of THC and is considered a controlled substance. Hemp also contains THC, but it is not nearly enough to be psychoactive. Due to this lower abuse potential, hemp is not regulated the same way.

This separation, however, didn’t always exist. As recently as 2018, the FDA categorized all cannabis alike. But with the 2018 United States Farm Bill, hemp with up to 0.3% THC was legalized on a federal level as an agricultural crop.

There is also a series of visual differences between the plants, including, but not limited to, the number of flowers, leaves, and even the structure of growth. Hemp, with fewer flowers and less foliage, grows tall, skinny, stalks. Marijuana, on the other hand, is lush with flowers and foliage and grows wide like a bush.

Does Hemp or Marijuana Have More CBD Oil?

With the resin levels differing between the groups of strains and marijuana having visibly higher deposits, it is no surprise that marijuana gives a more massive output of CBD.This fact, alongside a more massive presence of flowers and leaves, would make marijuana ideal for CBD production. But because the CBD that comes from marijuana has higher THC, the crop is not fit for extracting CBD for the general market. However, CBD production is an innovative field, and hemp strains are being bred to improve CBD output without crossing the THC limit of 0.3%. These strains are the future of the CBD production in the United States.

Why is CBD Sometimes Illegal In Different States?

CBD is not entirely legal across all states, nor is it prohibited throughout the country. The rare position of CBD comes from various factors, starting with how it was initially approved.

  1. The FDA approved CBD as a prescription drug. But because of how drug patent laws work, a limited range of uses was legalized, and all possible uses outside were considered illegal. The reason for such a tight control was not CBD itself. It was the presence of psychoactive THC in CBD, which got CBD and all CBD sources in a highly regulated space.
  2. However, this did not take into account the fact that not all CBD is alike. CBD that comes from hemp does not have enough THC to be abused the same way marijuana-derived CBD can be abused. This lower abuse-potential was finally acknowledged in the 2018 United States Farm Bill. With this bill’s passing, industrial hemp with no more than 0.3% THC was legalized on a federal level.
  3. With this update to the substance’s federal status, individual states were left free to decide their laws and regulations regarding hemp and hemp-derived products. With 50 states having the freedom to decide how to regulate hemp products, including CBD, and having pre-existing laws regarding marijuana products (which includes CBD that comes from marijuana), the current legal confusion was likely to occur. However, it can be simplified by understanding that the state’s laws that one is in must be followed. Moreover, it helps to know that most states have different laws regarding marijuana and marijuana-based CBD, and hemp and hemp-sourced CBD.

Is CBD Legal In Maryland?

CBD oil is legal in the state of Maryland. In October of 2016, Maryland moved forward with the state Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. This program allowed for a select few to be rewarded with licenses to grow industrial hemp for research.

In 2018, the Federal Government moved forward with the Farm Bill. This bill distinguished a difference between marijuana and industrial hemp. The distinction that cannabis with THC’s content below 0.3% would be considered hemp and removed from the controlled substances list was a part of the Farm Bill’s intent.

This federal law made all CBD products derived from hemp to be no longer chained by the legal status of marijuana.

Is CBD Derived From Cannabis Legal in Maryland?

All CBD comes from cannabis. Cannabis includes both marijuana and hemp, the difference being the amount of THC in each. 

CBD derived from marijuana is only legal through the medical marijuana program within the state.

Is Hemp-Derived CBD Legal in Maryland?

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in the state of Maryland.

The Legality of Different CBD Products

What is a CBD flower? CBD flower is a term often given to the flower of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Mainly, this term is used for strains containing a high amount of cannabidiol.
Is CBD flower legal in Maryland? CBD flower is legal in Maryland if it came from an industrial hemp plant containing no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. If derived from marijuana, a medical card is required.
Can CBD flowers be purchased online? Hemp flowers with less than 0.3% THC can be purchased online legally in Maryland.
What are CBD terpenes? CBD terpenes are aromatic compounds found within the cannabis plant used to derive CBD oil.
Are CBD terpenes legal in Maryland? Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants. These compounds reside in high numbers in the cannabis plant. Terpenes are legal in Maryland if derived from legally grown industrial hemp.
Can CBD terpenes be purchased online? One can purchase Terpenes made from hemp-derived CBD in the state of Maryland.
What is CBD wax? CBD wax is a concentrated form of CBD oil, in a waxy, semi-solid form.
Is CBD wax legal in Maryland? CBD wax is a concentrated form of CBD oil, so concentrated that it takes a solid waxy form. The product is legal if derived from hemp and not labeled for ingestive use. It is due to a technicality in the legality of edibles within the state.
Can CBD wax be purchased online? CBD wax labeled as an ingestive cannot be bought online legally. However, if the CBD wax is derived from hemp and not marketed as an ingestive in any way, you may buy it online in Maryland.
What are CBD gummies? CBD gummies are gummies infused with cannabidiol.
Are CBD gummies legal in Maryland? CBD gummies are a form of CBD edible. Technically, edible CBD products are not legal in the state of Maryland. However, they are readily available. According to the Baltimore Sun, the Maryland Department of Health is only pursuing vendors upon complaints lodged. Therefore, the Dept. of Health is not actively seeking to shut down vendors selling CBD edibles in Maryland unless there is a complaint.
Can CBD gummies be purchased online? CBD gummies, alongside all CBD edibles, are illegal in Maryland. Purchasing them online can land you in trouble.
What are CBD creams? CBD creams and topicals are skincare products used externally, such as moisturizers or conditioners.
Are CBD creams legal in Maryland? Cannabidiol-infused creams and topicals are legal in Maryland if derived from hemp.
Can CBD creams be purchased online? Hemp-derived CBD creams can be bought online by the residents of Maryland.
What is CBD liquid? CBD liquid is a unique form of CBD oil intended for vapor inhalation (vaping).
Are CBD liquid, e-liquid, and vape legal in Maryland? All CBD products derived from industrial hemp are legal in Maryland. It includes CBD liquid and vape.
Can CBD liquid, e-liquid, and vape be purchased online? CBD smoking liquids derived from hemp are available at online smoke shops.
What is a CBD tincture? A CBD tincture is a concentrated solution made by soaking plant materials in alcohol or vinegar-based solutions.
Is CBD tincture legal in Maryland? A tincture is a concentrated solution created by soaking plant materials in an alcohol or vinegar-based solution. CBD tinctures are legal in the state of Maryland for all ages if derived from industrial hemp. If derived from marijuana, the product is available through the medical marijuana program.
Can CBD tincture be purchased online? Yes, hemp-derived CBD tincture can be bought online in Maryland.
What is THC oil? THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid found in marijuana responsible for the elated feelings of ‘high’ felt by its users.
Is THC oil legal in Maryland? THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis responsible for the feelings of ‘high.’ THC oil is only legal via the medical marijuana program in the state of Maryland.
Can THC oil be purchased online? THC oil is not sold online as a consumer product because it is a controlled substance.

Age Requirements For CBD in Maryland

Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy CBD Oil In Maryland?

CBD derived from legally grown hemp is available to all ages in the state of Maryland. However, things such as CBD liquid and vapes will only be allowed to those over the age of 18 as most smoke shops will not sell to those younger.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy CBD Oil In Maryland?

As mentioned, vape and e-liquid aside, there are no age restrictions in Maryland for CBD products derived from industrial hemp.

Do You Have To Be 18 To Use CBD Oil In Maryland?

You can be of any age to use CBD oil. For marijuana-derived oil, however, there is the requirement of a medical marijuana card.

Can A Minor Use CBD In Maryland? How Old Do You Have To Be?

A minor may use CBD derived from hemp. If derived from marijuana, a medical card will be required.

Do You Need A Prescription Or Medical Card For CBD Oil In Maryland?

Only CBD oil derived from marijuana requires a medical card in Maryland. CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is readily accessible with no medical card.

Can You Get CBD Oil Without Having A Medical Card In Maryland?

CBD oil derived from industrial hemp does not require a medical card to purchase or possess. However, that which came from marijuana does require a medical card. The cost of a medical cannabis patient id card in Maryland is $50.

Can You Order CBD Oil Online Legally In Maryland?

CBD products derived from industrial hemp are legal to order online and purchase in the state of Maryland. The products must abide by Federal regulations containing no more than 0.3% THC.

State CBD Possession Limits

There are no CBD possession limits for hemp-derived CBD for the general public. Moreover, there are no quantity-possession limits for the patients of the medical marijuana program.

MMJ Cards In Maryland

Medical Marijuana Card Requirements In Maryland

As of now, the list of conditions for which the state gives medical marijuana card includes the following:

  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms
  • Severe nausea
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Glaucoma
  • Severe pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Seizures
  • Cachexia
  • Anorexia
  • Wasting syndrome

How To Apply To The MCP (Medical Cannabis Program)

You must the following before getting started with the application process:

  • Email
  • Social Security Number (last four digits will be required)
  • Proof of residence (in Maryland)
  • A digital copy of government-issued photo ID (includes: Driver’s license, State ID card, Military ID, and US Passport).

Create an account here to start the application process: https://mmcc.health.maryland.gov/Registry/LandingPage.aspx

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) will review the application, and upon approval, you can visit a provider registered with the MMCC to get the required certification.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Medical Marijuana Id Card In Maryland?

The review can take up to 30 days, after which your certification and card printing can be done within a week.

How Much Does It Cost To Apply For The MCP In Maryland?

The non-refundable application fee is $50. The cost of visiting the physician is not included. Upon receiving the certification, you can print a temporary ID from the portal. But to receive an MMJ ID printed by the state, you must invest another $50.

Where To Buy CBD In Maryland

Where To Buy / How To Obtain <.3 THC In Maryland

One can find CBD with less than 0.3% THC in smoke shops, specialty outlets, and retail stores.

Where To Buy / How To Obtain >.3 THC In Maryland

Only licensed dispensaries in Maryland sell CBD with over 0.3% THC levels.

Where Is CBD Sold In Maryland?

Finding CBD products in stores across the state is no difficult task. Depending on what products you are after, you may need to go to one of the state’s over 100 specialty shops. Even convenience stores, health food stores, and Walgreens are carrying CBD products in Maryland.

Are There Any CBD Retailers In Maryland?

There are currently over 100 specialty stores in Maryland where CBD products reside. As hemp has been legal for several years, CBD derived from hemp has also been around for several years.

Where Can I Find CBD Water?

CBD water, a cannabidiol infused beverage, is readily available at CBD specialty shops across Maryland. One such store, CBD Supply MD, even has cannabidiol infused teas for Towson, Maryland.

Where Can I Buy Medical Grade CBD In Maryland?

Medical grade CBD is readily available from any number of licensed CBD dispensaries across the state.

How To Read CBD Product Labels & Packaging

One must make sure the CBD he or she is about to purchase is of the highest quality and legal. Doing so can avoid complications and make for a better experience. Look for the following when reading CBD product labels and packaging.

Expiry Date – As CBD is a human consumable, it is going to have an expiry date. The absence of an expiry date indicates that the manufacturer is not ethical and is trying to extend its shelf life.

Product Batch Number – Responsible manufacturers, track their product batches with a product batch number. If this number is absent, the manufacturer cannot recall faulty shipments, and one can never be sure if the products without a batch number are of acceptable quality.

Lab Testing Certification – Never settle for a CBD product that is not lab-tested. It is essential for consumer safety. Lab-testing certification is attached to the product via a URL or a QR code that you can use to open a digital copy of the certificate.

Batch Information Link – This link provides more information regarding the product you intend to purchase.

A THC Quantity Statement – This statement identifies how much THC is present in the product. It is advised never to buy CBD products with more than 0.3% THC, especially with a no-vetting checkout for legal reasons. High THC products sold without a prescription are either illegal or fake.

Hemp Extract Quantity – Since it is advisable to purchase hemp-derived CBD only when shopping online, consider the hemp extract quantity. Noted in milligrams.

How To Identify Quality CBD Oil

Since CBD oil is new to the market, there are chances of charlatans taking advantage of new consumers. It is the reason why one must never purchase CBD oil that is not FDA approved. FDA approval speaks to the usability of a consumable product. It also assures one that the product, at least on the federal level, is legal.

Furthermore, it is critical that you look at reviews of the product on different sites, including but not limited to Facebook, Google Business, and cannabis specialty forums.

It is also essential to look at the pictures and see if the packaging and labels are legible. One can see from the product description whether the CBD came from hemp or marijuana. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable only to purchase hemp-derived CBD products online.

Shipping, Mailing, & Travelling With CBD

Can You Mail CBD Products To Maryland?

CBD products may be mailed to Maryland as long as the products meet the Federal Farm Bill regulations containing no more than 0.3% THC.

Can You Ship CBD Products From Maryland?

Shipping CBD from Maryland has the same rules and mailing CBD products within the state. The products must have derived from industrial hemp.

How Would You Ship CBD Oil, Cream, or Flowers?

All CBD products are legal to ship in the state of Maryland, including CBD flowers. The products must contain no more than 0.3% THC to maintain legal status.

Can You Ship CBD Products Internationally? From Canada? To Canada?

Shipping CBD products internationally from Maryland is legal in two conditions. First, the CBD must come from hemp (<0.3% THC) to meet Federal US regulations. Next, the product must also pass legal status at the destination location.

Always check with the destination before sending CBD shipments that could incriminate you.

Can You Travel With CBD Oil?

Traveling from Maryland with hemp-derived CBD is legal. So is traveling to Maryland. However, the states that one cross can also view the product as legal or the traveler can get in trouble during road travel. It is advisable for those traveling via plane to check the airlines’ liquids-on-board policy since CBD oil is a liquid.

Is Marijuana Legal In Maryland?

Marijuana is not legal in the state of Maryland. However, Senate Bill 364 passed in 2014 and decriminalized possession of fewer than 10 grams as a civil offense and a maximum fine of $100.

Is Maryland Recreational?

Maryland does not allow recreational use of marijuana.

Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy Marijuana In Maryland?

On top of being at least 18 years old, one must also have a medical marijuana ID.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Medical Marijuana?

You have to be at least 18 years old to buy medical marijuana in Maryland.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Marijuana In Maryland?

Marijuana finds restrictions in place by the nature of its use and not the age of the user. Therefore, it is illegal to buy marijuana at any age unless for medical purposes by an MMCC card-carrying patient.

Can You Buy Edibles Online Legally In Maryland?

CBD edibles are only legal for medical purposes and cannot be legally bought online in the state of Maryland.

Is Hemp Legal In Maryland?

Hemp is legal in the state of Maryland. Cultivation requires licensing with the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

What Are Maryland’s Hemp Laws?

In the state of Maryland, the law about hemp is House Bill 443. The bill became effective on October 1st, 2016. Being a source for CBD, this law was good news for advocates of the cannabinoid.

Can You Buy Hemp Wraps At 18 In Maryland?

You can bu tobacco-free hemp wraps at 18 legally in Maryland. However, many smoke shops only admit those over 21, in compliance with the state’s minimum age requirements for tobacco use.

Producing, Growing, Selling Hemp & CBD Oil

Is It Legal To Grow Hemp In Maryland?

Growing hemp in Maryland is legal with a license awarded by the Maryland Department of Agriculture to grow as part of the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program.

How Much Is A Hemp Growing License In Maryland?

To join the Maryland Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program, one will need to pay a $250 fee.

Can You Get Legal CBD Seeds In Maryland?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis called cannabidiol. Cannabidiol comes in many varieties of both industrial hemp and marijuana. Marijuana seeds are purchasable only with a license to grow medical marijuana. Similarly, viable hemp seed is only available to growers and processors who are licensed. The seed must be sterilized or ground up before the general public is allowed access.

Is It Legal To Grow CBD Plants? What’s The Difference?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis includes both marijuana and industrial hemp. As mentioned above, industrial hemp is legal to grow with a license from the MDA. Marijuana may also be grown if licensed to do so.

Do You Need A License To Sell Hemp In Maryland?

Yes, you need a license to sell hemp in Maryland.

Do You Need A License To Sell CBD Oil In Maryland?

You can sell CBD oil that comes preapproved and prepackaged. However, there are licensing requirements for marketing CBD. Moreover, to sell CBD oil, you must be careful not to present it as an ingestible product.

Can You Sell CBD Oil Online?

Selling CBD products online in Maryland is legal. However, the FDA must still approve edibles to be legal, and all CBD products must have come from industrial hemp.

Disclaimer:  None of the information in this article should be construed as health or legal advice. We always recommend following the professional opinion of your physician or attorney and researching your own state’s laws for all of your purchases. Information current as of January 2021.




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