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Connecticut is a state on the eastern shores of the United States and home to the firsts. Firsts like the helicopter, nuclear-powered submarine, and color television.

You could say the state is known for its engineering, and you wouldn’t be incorrect. But when it comes to being progressive, Connecticut is behind states like Colorado and California when it comes to the legalization of cannabis products like CBD.

As of January 2019, CBD derived from industrial hemp is legal in the state of Connecticut. CBD derived from marijuana is legal only by way of prescription via the medical marijuana program.

The bill passed that enabled CBD product sale was Senate Bill 893. It legalized both hemp production, and in turn, CBD derived from hemp.

Marijuana and Hemp Legal Age Requirements

Is marijuana legal in Connecticut?

Marijuana is legal for medical use only in Connecticut.

Is hemp legal in Connecticut?

Hemp is legal in Connecticut. The laws state that licensed producers may produce hemp and that the hemp-based products may be added to food. However, there are strict limitations on what claims are made about hemp products in terms of health benefits.

What are Connecticut’s hemp laws?

Senate Bill 893 legalized hemp cultivation and hemp-derived CBD products in May of 2019 for Connecticut. CBD products being those containing CBD or cannabidiol.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Connecticut?

It wasn’t until May of 2019 that Connecticut saw the legal decision to allow hemp and hemp-based products. The cannabis used had to be of industrial hemp grade, which is 0.3% THC by dry weight or less. 

The legal status of CBD oil since the passing of Senate Bill 893 is that CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is legal for sale and purchase within the state of Connecticut.

CBD Legal Age Requirements

Do you have to be 18 to buy CBD oil in Connecticut?

There is no legal restriction for purchasing CBD that comes from industrial hemp in the state of Connecticut.

How old do you have to be?

Suppose one is attempting to find good quality CBD that may have originated from marijuana. In that case, one will only be able to get this from a medical marijuana dispensary with a medical card. 

However, suppose purchasing CBD derived from hemp. In that case, it is often available at stores like smoke shops, and these may have their age restrictions to enter the store or make purchases.

Can a minor use CBD oil in Connecticut?

There is no age restriction on the use of CBD oil that comes from hemp in Connecticut.

Do you need a prescription or medical card for CBD oil in Connecticut?

A medical card or prescription is required to obtain CBD that has originated from marijuana. CBD derived from industrial hemp is legal for all to purchase in Connecticut.

Can you get CBD oil without a medical card?

CBD oil can be purchased in Connecticut without a medical card. The oil must be derived from industrial hemp, containing 0.3% THC or less by dry weight.

CBD oil derived from marijuana requires a prescription; in other words, a medical marijuana card. 

The medical marijuana card will have two associated costs. First is the doctor’s fee for the initial assessment and recommendation/prescription. Next, there is a $100 state application fee. Conditions must be met, of course, such as an underlying condition on the qualifying conditions list that doctors are allowed to prescribe medical grade CBD to treat.

About Ordering and Shipping CBD

Can you buy or order CBD oil online legally in Connecticut?

CBD derived from hemp is perfectly legal to order online in Connecticut. CBD, which comes from marijuana, is only available with a medical marijuana card.

How about selling online in Connecticut?

Selling CBD is perfectly legal in Connecticut as long as the CBD originated from legally grown hemp.

Can you buy edibles online legally in Connecticut?

Edible CBD products are available for purchase in Connecticut. The claims they make are strictly observed and regulated regarding health claims.

Can you mail CBD products to Connecticut?

CBD products derived from hemp may be mailed to Connecticut. Federal law applies to mailing CBD products because they must originate using legally grown industrial hemp, which must have no more than 0.3% THC.

Can you ship CBD from Connecticut?

Shipping CBD products from Connecticut is legal. Several carriers will ship CBD products with no issue, as long as these products were legally sourced. State and National laws must be observed, but UPS, FedEx, and Purolator will all transport CBD products.

How would you ship CBD oil? Cream? Flowers?

Shipping CBD oil, cream, and even flowers are legal in Connecticut. The stipulation is that the products all must be of legally obtained origin, meaning a THC maximum of 0.3% by dry weight.

Can you ship CBD internationally? Like Canada?

Shipping CBD products from Connecticut to international destinations is legal as long as it also allows CBD products. Check with the destination location before committing to a shipment.

Is it legal to grow hemp in Connecticut?

Under the Hemp Research Pilot Program, one may legally grow hemp in Connecticut if approved for a grower’s license.

Is it legal to grow CBD plants? What is the difference?

CBD is cannabidiol; a chemical compound derived from cannabis (hemp and also marijuana). Some strains of cannabis have high CBD amounts and are thus called CBD plants. These are only legal to grow under the medical marijuana program if they are not classified as industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is cannabis with 0.3%, or less THC. Hemp may also be used to obtain CBD, and hemp may be grown with a license.

More About CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis

What about CBD derived from cannabis?

CBD derived from cannabis may be obtained in Connecticut via a medical marijuana card.

Is hemp-derived CBD legal in Connecticut?

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in Connecticut.

Can you get legal cbd seeds in Connecticut?

One may obtain seeds for hemp once one has a license to grow. Likewise, the same is true for growing marijuana to obtain CBD. Seeds are available to those licensed as cultivators.

How much is a growing hemp license in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, the fee to apply for a growers license is $50. There is also, upon approval, a biennial fee of $50 per acre.

CBD Legal Questions

Is CBD flower legal in Connecticut?

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis, both the marijuana and hemp varieties. In Connecticut, hemp is legal, and thus, so are its flowers. Marijuana flowers may require a medical marijuana card for legal purchase.

Are terpenes legal in Connecticut?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants. Cannabis, in particular, has a high amount of terpenes. Industrial hemp-derived terpenes are legal in Connecticut. Those derived from marijuana are only legal via the medical marijuana program.

Is CBD wax legal in Connecticut?

Like terpenes, CBD wax can come from both hemp and marijuana strains. CBD wax is a concentrated form of CBD. And if derived from hemp, CBD wax is legal in Connecticut.

Are CBD gummies legal in Connecticut?

CBD gummies are edible gummies that contain cannabidiol, or CBD. These edibles are legal in Connecticut if derived from industrial hemp. If derived from marijuana, the edibles require a medical marijuana card.

Are CBD creams legal in Connecticut?

CBD creams, if derived from hemp, are legal in the state of Connecticut. The hemp must be 0.3% THC by dry weight volume or less to qualify as legal industrial hemp.

Is CBD liquid, CBD e-liquid, or CBD vape legal in Connecticut?

CBD liquid is legal in the state of Connecticut if derived from hemp. That is cannabis with less than 0.3% THC.

What about THC oil?

THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that provides the ‘high’ effect. THC oil is only obtainable in Connecticut with a medical marijuana card.

And CBD tincture?

Tinctures are concentrated solutions made by soaking plants in alcohol or vinegar-based solutions. These concentrations, if made using industrial hemp, are legal in the state of Connecticut.

Where can I buy CBD oil in Connecticut?

Where is CBD sold?

Due to the legal hemp laws and the growing popularity of CBD, it is easily obtained in Connecticut. CBD products can be found at CBD specialty shops, health food stores, smoke shops, medical marijuana dispensaries, and online, to name a few places where it can be found in the state.

Are there any CBD retailers in Connecticut?

There are several CBD specialty stores across Connecticut, where CBD products can be purchased. Some of these stores include Your CBD Store, Ohempo.com, and Timeless CBD.

Where can I find CBD water?

CBD water is typically carbonated water infused with cannabidiol. The drink can be found in multiple stores across Connecticut but resides at specialty CBD stores and marijuana dispensaries.

Disclaimer:  None of the information in this article should be construed as health or legal advice. We always recommend following the professional opinion of your physician or attorney and researching your own state’s laws for all of your purchases. Information current as of January 2021.





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