CBD Oil In Arizona: Everything CBD, Legality, Shipping & More

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Do you want to know about the legality of Cannabidiol (CBD) in Arizona?

No doubt, CBD oil is one of the hottest trends in the market.  With North America in the grips of a marijuana march to freedom for the plant, its cousin hemp is catching a ride in the fast lane.

We know what questions people have in mind regarding CBD. To make your life easier, we have written this article in a simple question and answer format.

Following are a few of the questions that are included in the article:

  • What is CBD?
  • Is there any difference between Hemp and Marijuana?
  • Is CBD legal in the state of Arizona?
  • What are the legal CBD products and where to buy them?
  • How can you become eligible for the Medical Marijuana Program and apply for it?
  • Are there any age requirements for using CBD?
  • How do you check the quality of CBD Oil and related products?
  • Can you mail, ship, and travel with CBD?
  • Penalties for marijuana possession and usage
  • Can you grow, store, and sell hemp and its derived products?

And of course, that’s not all.  But let’s start with the basics about the legality of CBD in Arizona.

CBD oil is legal in the state of Arizona under certain conditions.  The terms of this legality include that the oil comes from industrial hemp.  CBD oil that comes from marijuana is only available with a medical card (prescription from a licensed doctor).

So, what does this mean by obtaining CBD Oil from both hemp and marijuana? Simply put, CBD can be obtained from both hemp as well as marijuana. But according to law, only CBD derived from hemp can be used. So you need to recognize the origin of CBD to recognize its legality.  

CBD oil’s fantastic ability to help epilepsy patients has been a blessing for many sufferings from it.  And with Governor Doug Ducey signing bill SB1098 (announced on the governor’s website on May 14, 2018) that allowed the cultivation, production, and distribution of industrial hemp by licensed operators, the general public has had a new market of products available. 

The products CBD can make range from things claiming to help one’s pets, to treating skin conditions, treating pain, and many other alleged uses.

What Is CBD?

You might have heard about the plant named Cannabis Sativa. It has many different compounds, such as Cannabinoids. Cannabidiol is one of those cannabinoids. It is claimed that CBD has healing properties.

The plant has different parts: roots, stems, stalks, leaves, and flowers. It is interesting to note that all these parts differ with respect to the amount of CBD. Flowers are one such part that has a high amount of CBD.

How is Hemp Different From Marijuana?

First, we need to understand that President Trump’s Farm Bill 2018 legislation has allowed the cultivation, harvesting, storage, and selling hemp seeds and products, including CBD Oil. This bill draws a line between hemp and marijuana, and the latter one remains under the controlled substances.

The problem is that ordinary people like us have mixed up marijuana with cannabis and completely separated cannabis or marijuana from hemp. In other words, depending on who you’re talking to, the information may differ. Now let’s clear this confusion.

Hemp and marijuana are the different types of the same plant Cannabis. There are physical as well as chemical differences between both types. But marijuana remains under controlled substances due to its chemical characteristics.

Marijuana contains a compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH). It is a psychoactive compound, and if ingested, it can produce elated feelings of high.

Now you must be thinking that if marijuana has this psychoactive compound, then doesn’t hemp have the same? Well, yes, they also do but in a very little quantity.

What is that quantity? The Farm Bill has marked a borderline of 0.3% concentration of THC. If THC’s amount in any product is less than 0.3%, it is legal and can be used without any problem. More than 0.3%, and it is considered a controlled substance.

Let’s discuss the appearance of hemp and marijuana.

Hemp plants have more height, skinny, and are not so dense with foliage. They seem to be like bamboo and have a few leaves.

On the contrary, Marijuana plants are full of leaves and flowers. More often, they are spread out and broad.

Does Hemp or Marijuana Have More CBD Oil?

In addition to the appearance mentioned above of hemp and marijuana, another interesting factor separates hemp and marijuana. It is the amount of resin. Hemp has a little, but marijuana has a lot of it.

This is the reason why we can obtain more CBD Oil from less marijuana as compared to hemp. But there is a whole field of research that is open to research on how to increase the productivity of such breeds of hemp that can yield a significantly higher quantity of CBD Oil.  All while reducing the amount of THC.

Why is CBD Sometimes Illegal In Different States?

It could be construed as an unfortunate situation that every state of the United States has its individual laws related to CBD. We will discuss below why not all the states are aligned with the Federal regulations.

There are many reasons why the discrepancy in-laws seem to make CBD legal and illegal at the same time.  

1) The FDA has long been following the strict laws related to CBD because it used to be under controlled substances. But, after the Federation (Farm Bill 2018), the cultivation of hemp, its storage and distribution became legal.
But not all the states consider it safe, and they continue to go with the previous laws. We hope that the situation becomes better in the future. 

2) The second reason arises because hemp and marijuana are parts of the same plant. Marijuana has a higher concentration of THC, which, according to them, can cause problems. Therefore, some states cannot easily decide what to do.

3) Some states have gone beyond federal law and legalized marijuana-infused products. But still, they seem unable to draw a full-fledged line that explains what the boundaries are. What to sell and what not to. So, there is a need for a robust mutual consensus among the states so that uniform legislation becomes possible.

Is CBD Oil Legal In Arizona?

CBD is legal in the state of Arizona as long as it comes from industrial hemp.  However, the FDA still requires CBD oil products intended for ingestion or inhalation to pass certification.

CBD products became available to the market in Arizona with the passing of Bill SB 1098 in May of 2018.  This bill states that industrial hemp, defined as containing no more than 0.3% THC volume by weight, would be allowed for cultivation, processing, and sale to those who had received the appropriate licensing. 

There is no legislation stating anything about CBD in particular.  The chemical compound falls into two categories: legal, the other only in certain situations.  Let’s take a look.

Federal law states that industrial hemp may be cultivated et cetera, as long as it contains 0.3% of THC by weight or less, as we’ve mentioned.

In Arizona, the federal law applies, and the state abides by said federal law regarding hemp.

Concerning marijuana in Arizona, it is only legal when prescribed under the medicinal marijuana program.  Now, how does this affect CBD?

CBD derived from industrial hemp is perfectly legal as long as it is produced by a licensed vendor who uses hemp with 0.3% or less THC by weight.

CBD derived from marijuana is illegal unless it is prescribed under the medical marijuana program.

As you can see, CBD, which could be almost the same and contain little to no THC, could be legal if it came from one form of cannabis and illegal if it came from another kind of cannabis.  And hence, it is legal and illegal at the same time, merely dependent upon its origins.

Is CBD Derived From Cannabis Legal in Arizona?

As mentioned earlier, CBD comes from cannabis.  Cannabis is a general term for a species that includes both hemp and marijuana.  The only difference is the level of THC.  Industrial hemp is just marijuana that has 0.3% THC or less.

Is Hemp-Derived CBD Legal in Arizona?

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in Arizona.

The Legality of Different CBD Products

What is a CBD flower? CBD flower is a term often given to the flower of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Notably, this term is used for strains containing a high amount of cannabidiol.
Is CBD flower legal in Arizona? In actuality, CBD flower, or cannabis flower, is legal in Arizona if it contains 0.3% THC or less. Otherwise, it requires a medical marijuana program card.
Can CBD flowers be purchased online? Yes, CBD Flowers can be ordered online.
What are CBD terpenes? CBD terpenes are aromatic compounds found within the cannabis plant used to derive CBD oil.
Are CBD terpenes legal in Arizona? Terpenes, chemical compounds within cannabis, are legal if derived from the industrial hemp form of the cannabis plant.
Can CBD terpenes be purchased online? Yes, CBD Terpenes can be purchased online.
What is CBD wax? CBD wax is a concentrated form of CBD oil, in a waxy, semi-solid form.
Is CBD wax legal in Arizona? CBD wax, a special wax made with cannabidiol, is legal if the CBD came from industrial hemp.
Can CBD wax be purchased online? Yes, it is available online.
What are CBD gummies? CBD gummies are gummies infused with cannabidiol
Are CBD gummies legal in Arizona? CBD gummies are legal in Arizona.  However, the gummies must still be approved by the FDA if intended for human consumption.
Can CBD gummies be purchased online? Yes, they can be found online.
What are CBD creams? CBD creams and topicals are skincare products used externally, such as moisturizers or conditioners.
Are CBD creams legal in Arizona? CBD creams and other products are legal in Arizona if derived from legal industrial hemp.
Can CBD creams be purchased online? You can get CBD Creams online.
What is CBD liquid? CBD liquid is a unique form of CBD oil intended for vapor inhalation (vaping).
Are CBD liquid, e-liquid, and vape legal in Arizona? The same rules apply to CBD vapes and oils, as do for all other CBD products.  If the product came from industrial hemp, it is legal.
Can CBD liquid, e-liquid, and vape be purchased online? Yes, they can be ordered online.
What is a CBD tincture? A CBD tincture is a concentrated solution made by soaking plant materials in alcohol or vinegar-based solutions.
Is CBD tincture legal in Arizona? CBD tinctures (concentrated solutions derived from soaking the plant in alcohol or vinegar, for example) are legal if derived from industrial hemp.
Can CBD tincture be purchased online? CBD tinctures are readily available online in Arizona.
What is THC oil? THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid found in marijuana responsible for the elated feelings of ‘high’ felt by its users.
Is THC oil legal in Arizona? THC oil, an oil containing tetrahydrocannabinol, is only legal in Arizona with a medical marijuana card from a doctor.
Can THC oil be purchased online? THC oil is available online, although only legal for those with a medical card.

Age Requirements For CBD in Arizona

Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy CBD Oil In Arizona?

As long as the CBD oil came from industrial hemp, there is no age restriction set in Arizona on its use or purchase. 

There is no age restriction on CBD derived from marijuana that could be prescribed under the medical marijuana program in Arizona.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy CBD Oil In Arizona?

CBD is entirely legal to use in Arizona. So you don’t need to worry about your age to buy it.

Do You Have To Be 18 To Use CBD Oil In Arizona?

As mentioned above, you can happily consume CBD. Its consumption is now legal.

Can A Minor Use CBD In Arizona? How Old Do You Have To Be?

A minor can use CBD oil in Arizona.  However, it should be FDA approved if intended use includes ingestion.  The CBD must come from industrial hemp.  If the CBD oil is from marijuana as a source, then a medical marijuana card and doctor’s prescription is required.

Do You Need A Prescription Or Medical Card For CBD Oil In Arizona?

You do not need a prescription in Arizona for CBD made from industrial hemp.

Can You Get CBD Oil Without Having A Medical Card In Arizona?

CBD that came from industrial hemp does not require a medical card.  However, CBD derived from marijuana does need a medical card in the state of Arizona.

A medical marijuana card will cost about $75 per year and is sold in 2-year terms, $150.  As well, a doctor is likely to charge between $75 and $150 for an appointment to provide the prescription.  One could be looking at as much as $300 or more in fees to obtain a medical CBD oil card derived from marijuana in Arizona.

Can You Order CBD Oil Online Legally In Arizona?

You can buy and order CBD oil derived from hemp legally in Arizona.

Arizona CBD Possession Limits

The state of Arizona has not yet defined the limits of CBD one can own. But those patients qualifying for Medical Marijuana Program can have 2.5 ounces of marijuana for 14 days.

MMJ Cards In Arizona

Medical Marijuana Card Requirements In Arizona

You have to qualify for the below mentioned medical conditions to become eligible for the Medical Marijuana Registry identification card.

  • Hepatitis C
  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms, including multiple sclerosis
  • Severe nausea
  • Severe and chronic pain
  • Seizures, including those characteristics of epilepsy

How To Apply To The MCP (Medical Cannabis Program)

Please check out the following link for the complete documentation requirements for this program.


These are the steps to apply for an identification registry card in Arizona:

  1. Now, get yourself diagnosed from your licensed personal practitioner and see if you have any underlying medical conditions as defined by the state.
  2. If yes, then get an official form of ADHS and get it filled from your physician. You will need it to upload during the online application filling process. But be sure to apply within 90 days after he fills the form.
  3. Make an account on the official website of the Arizona Department of Health (ADHS) Medical Marijuana.
  4. Fill out the application form and make payment.
  5. After applying, you will get your card in 10 business days.

Please refer to the following online document provided by ADHS Medical Marijuana. It has a detailed step by step guide that will walk you through the whole process. No matter, you are applying by yourself, or from an adult or minor caregiver, just follow the steps mentioned.


NOTE: ADHS Medical Marijuana deals with all the process online. So, you cant apply manually.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Arizona?

When you submit your application to ADHS, you will get your registry card in 10 business days.

How Much Does It Cost To Apply For The MCP In Arizona?

The registry card application costs around $150. However, in case you cant afford it, there is a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program through which you will be charged $75.

Where To Buy CBD In Arizona?

The legislation SB 1098 has now legalized CBD’s sales and purchase and its related products in Arizona. So, you can buy them anywhere from online retailers to physical stores.

Where To Buy / How To Obtain <.3 THC In Arizona?

Arizona state has kept itself aligned with the Farm Bill and legalized the sales and buying of CBD without any restrictions. You can buy it anywhere provided that the CBD Oil or products should contain THC quantity less than 0.3%.

Where To Buy / How To Obtain >.3 THC In Arizona?

For public use, only those CBD and derived products are legal if THC’s quantity is less than 0.3%. However, you should have a qualified patient from the ADHS Medical Marijuana Program diagnosed with state-defined medical conditions to get products of THC levels greater than 0.3%.

Products with THC levels greater than 0.3% are controlled and illegal to sell and buy.

Where Is CBD Sold In Arizona?

CBD products can be found across Arizona in many stores such as Cannafyl in Phoenix and many others.  It is readily available in most health food stores, pharmacies, smoke shops, and online.

Are There Any CBD Retailers In Arizona?

There are many CBD retailers in Arizona.  There are too many to list here due to the popularity, but some notable contenders are Cannafyl, ABD Store, and Arizona CBD and Hemp.

Where Can I Find CBD Water?

CBD water that is water infused with CBD is not readily available by producers inside Arizona just yet, although it can be ordered online quickly enough.

In Scottsdale, an Arizona based company named The Alkaline Water Company Inc is creating a line of CBD infused drinks.  So, Arizona will have it’s own CBD water produced right in Arizona.

Where Can I Buy Medical Grade CBD In Arizona?

State legislation regarding hemp has now legalized CBD and items made from it. But still, if you need high quality and medical-grade CBD in Arizona, you should go to the licensed dispensaries.

How To Read CBD Product Labels & Packaging?

Product labels and packaging provide a clue to whether that product is genuine or not. And when it comes to CBD, it becomes even more critical. We are providing you with the list of factors that you must keep in your mind, or if not, note them down on a piece of paper and carry it along while buying CBD or any of its product.

Expiry Date – This is the most prominent and straightforward thing to look for. Don’t forget to check it. 

Product Batch Number – The batch number gives the tracking information of the manufacturers of the product.

Lab Testing Certification – The CBD products are tested in the state-defined independent laboratories and checked whether THC quantity is lower than 0.3%. The products that have gone through this process must have QR or a barcode with them. Scan them and check whether certification appears. If yes, then the product is genuine, otherwise not. 

Batch Information Link – If you want to get more information about the product’s genuineness, you can visit the website. The batch information link makes it possible.

A THC Quantity Statement –There must be a statement on the product having the same sort of words as ‘The product has THC levels below 0.3%’. If this statement is not there, it is most likely that the product is fake. 

Hemp Extract Quantity – This factor is usually in milligrams (mg).

How To Identify Quality CBD Oil?

Farm Bill 2018 has approved CBD Oil and products. But there is still a challenge for you. You need to be responsible and smart enough to do the shopping for quality CBD Oil. There are two factors that you need to keep in mind.
First of all, check the reputation of the retailer. Are his profile and reputation good? Does he own an approved license for the CBD products to sell? Yeah, so these are the first questions that you keep in mind when going for CBD Oil purchase.

Shipping, Mailing, & Travelling With CBD

Can You Mail CBD Products To Arizona?

CBD products derived from industrial hemp are legal to mail to Arizona.

Can You Ship CBD Products From Arizona?

CBD that derives from industrial hemp can ship from Arizona.  All the big carriers such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx follow the federal and state regulations, and as long as the CBD comes from industrial hemp, it can be shipped with these carriers.

USPS has its particular guidelines, including required documentation, so using private corporations is easier for most businesses.

How Would You Ship CBD Oil, Cream, or Flowers?

Shipping CBD oil, cream, or other products should be shipped with one of the private corporate carriers, rather than the USPS because less paperwork is required.  However, if all of the paperwork is in order, and the products are all of the confirmed legal origins, USPS may be a cheaper option, depending on shipping.

Can You Ship CBD Products Internationally? From Canada? To Canada?

Depending on the particular destination, a foreign nation may or may not allow CBD shipments.  Canada, having federally decriminalized recreational marijuana use, allows CBD product shipments into the country.  One will need to check the particular laws of the destination country and possibly even state, province, or region for other destinations.

Can You Travel With CBD Oil?

The answer is yes. But the problem we all know is that not all the states are in line with the Farm Bill, or each other. So, it should be sufficient to travel with CBD Oil as long as you stay within Arizona.

If you wish to move to another state, make sure to go through their rules thoroughly. We would suggest you talk to official representatives of that state who deal in this field.

Is Marijuana Legal In Arizona?

Marijuana is not yet legal in the state of Arizona.  There is a campaign underway (at the time of writing) to have marijuana legalized to allow an individual to possess up to one ounce and cultivate up to six plants.  The initiative has reached the minimum to qualify for a ballot in November of 2020.

At the time of writing, marijuana is legal for medical use only in the state of Arizona.

Is Arizona Recreational?

Arizona is one of those states having strict penalties for those who are found in possession of Cannabis. Even less than 2 ounces of it can cost you a sentence of years and fine in thousands of dollars!

Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy Marijuana In Arizona?

Marijuana is illegal to possess irrespective of the age group you belong to.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Medical Marijuana?

If you are a patient or a caregiver of someone, you have to be above 18 years of age to buy Medical Marijuana. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Marijuana In Arizona?

No matter how old you are, possession and usage of marijuana can cause you severe trouble and penalties due to state laws.

Can You Buy Edibles Online Legally In Arizona?

Edible CBD products can be purchased in the state of Arizona legally.  Those who are derived from marijuana fall under the medicinal marijuana laws and require a card and doctor’s prescription.

Is Hemp Legal In Arizona?

Hemp is legal in Arizona to those licensed to work with the plant.  Industrial hemp must contain 0.3% THC or less by weight.  Any part of the plant which has less than 0.3% THC may be legally cultivated, manufactured, marketed, and sold, although a license is required for the first few activities.

What Are Arizona’s Hemp Laws?

Arizona’s hemp rules are covered by bill SB 1098.  It states that industrial hemp, which is hemp with a THC amount of 0.3% by weight or less, maybe cultivated, produced, manufactured, and distributed by licensed operators. 

The particular laws on CBD are not evident in Arizona.  The legislation simply states that industrial hemp is legal to those licensed to cultivate, process, or otherwise work with the plant.  There is no mention of CBD in the legislation.  However, technically, if it is made from industrial hemp, it is legal and available to Arizona’s general public.

Can You Buy Hemp Wraps At 18 In Arizona?

There is some confusion concerning hemp wraps. In December of 2019, the commissioner of FDA did a tweet. The purpose of that tweet was to clarify that any smokable item is illegal for the people of age less than 21. But still, the laws in some states allow its use for individuals having age 18 and more significant.  

Therefore, we suggest you adopt the safer course and wait for your 21st birthday.

Producing, Growing, Selling Hemp & CBD Oil

Is It Legal To Grow Hemp In Arizona?

Hemp is legal to grow in Arizona with the appropriate license.

How Much Is A Hemp Growing License In Arizona?

The cost of a hemp license starts at $1500.  There are a variety of regulations that must be followed, including a fingerprint and other legal documentation.

Can You Get Legal CBD Seeds In Arizona?

Legal industrial hemp seeds can be purchased in Arizona. However, a license is required first.

Is It Legal To Grow CBD Plants? What’s The Difference?

CBD is a short form of the chemical compound cannabidiol.  CBD comes from cannabis, either the hemp form (low THC) or the marijuana form (high THC).  In Arizona, a license is required to cultivate either variety of cannabis.  Although the permit to grow hemp is much easier to acquire.

Do You Need A License To Sell Hemp In Arizona?

Yes. You must apply for the industrial hemp program’s license from the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s official website.

Do You Need A License To Sell CBD Oil In Arizona?

Yes. If the CBD Oil is prepared from the industrial hemp, then you are eligible to sell it. Just apply for the license and make your income.

Can You Sell CBD Oil Online?

Selling CBD products is perfectly legal in the state of Arizona, given one condition.  The products must come from legally produced industrial hemp.  Otherwise, the products fall under the medical marijuana program.

Disclaimer:  None of the information in this article should be construed as health or legal advice. We always recommend following the professional opinion of your physician or attorney and researching your own state’s laws for all of your purchases. Information current as of January 2021.






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